Stump Removal

June 13, 2022  in  Arborist Tree Surgeon by dermotcaseytreecare

Tree stump removal from your garden or driveway can be both times consuming and costly especially if it is done incorrectly.

You need the experience of professionals to properly remove your tree stumps with minimum disruption and damage to your property.

Though many garden DIY projects can be taken care of with your home tools and experience, tree stump removal is much more difficult.

While a tree stump may look small on the top, the roots and underground growth can be quite extensive and without that removal, it will continue to cause issues to your property.

Why remove tree stumps?

The removal of tree stumps is often for cosmetic reasons as they can look out of sight in a well-manicured garden.

They can also disrupt the laying of patios and other garden features.

The reasons for stump removal can vary but whatever the reason we are always happy to assist at Dermot Casey Tree Care.

With specialist equipment, training and hands-on experience we can get rid of all your troublesome tree stumps.

Why you shouldn’t do it yourself:

With strong rigid tree stumps, it can be difficult to remove them.

Without proper training and the right equipment, you run the risk of causing yourself and others serious injury.

All DIY projects come with some risk, but because of the specialist equipment required the risk is heightened here.

It can also be difficult to know when the stump is adequately removed. Without years of training, we know when the job is done right.

What we do:

At Dermot Casey Tree Care we have specialist tree stump grinders to aid us in removing difficult areas.

Stump Removal

Our grinders vary in size to accommodate all different tree sizes. Allowing us to operate on residential and commercial properties throughout Ireland.

These grinders when positioned on tree stumps grind them down to small fragments. We do this until the tree stump is well below ground level.

We also tree any remaining parts with a chemical treatment to stop growth.

An efficient and environmentally friendly approach to your tree stump issues.

Working on both residential and commercial properties Dermot Casey Tree Care has years of experience in all manner of tree treatment.

From maintenance to removal and evaluating trees, we can take care of any issues that you may have.

With training and knowledge of utility cable and with great care we ensure minimum disruption when conducting our operations.

We work to your schedule so get in touch today.

Our other Services:

Tree stump removal occurs one of two ways as part of our wider range of services or after a property owner has discovered a troublesome old stump.

Some of our other services include:

If you want, your property to look pristine Dermot Casey Tree Care undertakes landscaping services on both residential and commercial properties.

We can clean up troublesome areas. Install new tree, remove stump and tree existing trees.


Some larger areas may require regular maintenance to ensure the safety and health of your plant and animal life.

Whether a busy driveway or a large garden we are happy to work on a schedule that will suit your needs.

Emergency works:

Should your property be hit by a big storm or if an accident occurs you can call Dermot Casey Tree Care.

We will have specialist teams dispatched ASAP to ensure your safety and the cleanliness of your property.

Get in touch:

Tree care can be difficult but with the right team and equipment on your side, all issues can be taken care of including tree stump removal.

Should you require any of our services, get in touch today, see our contact us form, or contcat us via email on the below numbers, we work throughout Ireland.