The Tree Felling Process from Dermot Casey Tree Care

February 16, 2022  in  Commercial Residential Tree Felling by dermotcaseytreecare

Tree felling is one of the primary functions here are Dermot Casey Tree Care. Though, we aim to provide the best assistance in care and maintenance for trees, sometimes there is no other option than to fell a tree.

This may be due to planning procedures, sickly trees, disease or old age etc.

At Dermot Casey Tree Care, through our experience and training we fell trees in secure and timely manner.

We take our time to ensure the utmost safety and least disruption to personnel and livestock in the area. Having been in the industry for many years we have seen various reasons for removing and/or saving trees.

Woodland Management History:

Woodlands across Ireland and the UK have been at least partially managed by man for over 6000 years. Since the first trees were felled to make room for homes and industry woodlands have been an integral part of life.

Though this has diminished in recent history the planning and maintenance of woodland is still highly important.

Diseases, foreign samplings and other issues could effectively destroy woodland areas without effective tree felling and management.

Dermot Casey Tree Care only fell trees after extensive testing and analysis of other treatment options.

Just as with livestock management, tree felling is important on a conservation level. Foreign trees, diseases and abnormalities can affect delicate ecosystems and at Dermot Casey Tree Care we aim to remedy such situations.

Residential and Commercial Tree Felling:

Regarding commercial and residential tree care and felling, Dermot Casey assesses each situation on a case-by-case basis. Trees may be acting as barriers to construction, pose a risk due to old age or damage or simply not be suitable for the area.

When contacted we will do our utmost to complete each project in a professional and timely manner.

The tree felling process:

Tree felling can be a dangerous undertaking and we do not recommend that you conduct such actions without prior knowledge and training. That being said, the formula we use here should be followed by all tree felling professionals:

  • Firstly, obtain and wear the appropriate clothing. This includes a helmet, earmuffs, face and eye protection and other forms of protection should it be suitable.
  • Use a felling wedge to prevent your saw from becoming stuck
  • We aim to gauge as accurately as possible where your tree will fall. This is incredibly important from a safety perspective.
  • We also clear the area of any debris to avoid damage and to allow for access and escape routes should something go wrong.
  • Using wedges, our experience and tried and tested methods we will create a notch on the fall side of the tree, this is so the tree should fall in the direction that we have planned.
  • Using tried and tested cutting techniques we will increase the size of the wedge and the felling cut so your tree falls in the appropriate direction.
  • Once the tree has been felled, we will remove all branches and jagged edges and then continue to separate the tree trunk.
  • Where possible wood should be recycled or reused.
  • You may wish to use the wood as firewood or have us discard the waste for you.

Before you seek our services, we will discuss if tree felling is your only option or if there is an alternative approach that can be taken.

Get in touch with Dermot Casey Tree Care today for any tree felling requirements in Cork, Dublin, Galway and throughout Ireland.  See our contact us page for all office numbers in Cork, Waterford, Dublin, Limerick and Galway.

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