Tree & Stump Removal Costs

June 13, 2022  in  Tree Felling Tree Surgeon by dermotcaseytreecare

At Dermot Casey Tree Care we undertake tree removal, maintenance, disease treatment and landscaping on both commercial and residential properties.

We provide professionalism and quality throughout all of our services and work on each project on a case-by-case basis.

Tree or stump removal costs vary depending on the complexity of each project. Tree or stump removal costs must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

We do this to ensure the quality of out work and so you understand the specific cost for each project.

Emergency call outs for damaged trees, caused by accident or a storm may cost more due to time constraints, but again this is on a case-by-case basis.

Tree Removal Cost

Dermot Casey Tree Care Services:

Our tree or stump removal costs are usually associated with a broader range of services that we operate. Some of our other services include:

Tree pest and fungus control:

Invasive diseases can cause harm to your garden and trees if left untreated.

Dermot Casey Tree Care can test and examine any suspected fungus and diseases which may afflict your trees and other shrubs.

It may be possible to remove the fungus without causing damage to your trees and garden, however, if it is very problematic, it may be necessary to remove the tree or trees in order to prevent further harm.

We will outline all possible steps that need to be taken.


Regular tree care maintenance on your residential or commercial property will help maintain a fresh and healthy garden full of flowers, fauna and trees.

We can operate on a schedule that works for you, taking care of your trees and other shrubbery as needed.

With added care your trees will live long and healthy.

We can trim your trees and examine any faults ensuing tree removal is the last step we may need to take.

Site Clearance:

Tree removal may be necessary when conducting construction or road works.

It’s important to remove tress entirely including stump and roots.

At Dermot Casey Tree Care we can remove trees on both large and small projects. Simply get in touch with the team today and we will work through the specifics.

Without the correct tools and equipment tree removal can be tricky.

Depending on your site regulations it may be necessary to have tree care professionals take acre of the job for you.

With all necessary machine licenses and the proper training, we will have any problematic areas cleared in no time.


When your garden or commercial property needs an upgrade, our landscaping services should be your top choice.

We can help improve the look and feel of your garden with professional landscaping services.

Allow us to plant new trees and /or take care of the ones you have already.

The costs of Tree or Stump Removal:

As you can see with the number of services that we provide at Dermot Casey Tree Care, tree removal becomes a part of a wider package.

Tree Removal Cost

It’s important to discuss all of your options with the team at Dermot Casey Tree Care.

We will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed outline of all costs and the operations involved, we operate throughout Ireland.  See our details below: