Tree felling Services, why you should leave it to the professionals:

April 12, 2022  in  Commercial Residential Tree Felling by dermotcaseytreecare

Working on both commercial and private properties, Dermot Casey Tree care is one of Ireland’s leading tree surgeon companies.

We undertake tree felling, stump grinding, tree care research and hedge cutting along with a variety of other services.

We aim to ensure safety in our operations, that each task is undertaken correctly and that our customers and clients leave both happy and satisfied with our work.

As arborist and tree surgeon professionals one of the primary services we undertake is that of tree felling.

Tree felling when done incorrectly can lead to injury, damage and sometimes worse. It’s important to leave such tasks up to a trained professional, with vast experience and the right tools and equipment for the job.

Why you may need to fell a tree:

Why you, a business or local authority may need to fell a tree:


Safety both for people, property and other plants and fauna is the number one reason tree felling may be required.

Trees damaged by storms, old age or disease may pose a hazard to everything in their vicinity.

Diseases may spread and affect large swathes of plants and fauna around the tree, for this reason, it is important to remove the tree or trees safely.

Damaged trees may lose branches and bark which could land on individuals and/or property.

It’s important to contact us immediately should you feel that a tree is posing an immediate risk.

Unsuitable location:

Large trees may cause subsidence or structural damage to roads and other properties. Unseen roots can damage drains and storage areas. In this case, tree removal is the best option available to avoid long term issues.

Visual issues:

There are certain laws governing sunlight prevention in public places and you may also simply wish to remove a tree from its current location. Though aesthetics is not the most common reason for tree removal it still occurs of course.

If you have an unsightly tree or wish to have one removed from your property, get in touch with Dermot Casey Tree care today.

Why tree felling can be dangerous:

We have shown some of the reasons tree felling may be required, but you may also consider felling a tree yourself and while this is admirable there are quite a few risks with tree felling:


At Dermot Casey Tree care we are insured to work on public and private property, our tools are insured against damage and all our employees have liability insurance.

This is to protect both ourselves and the general public.

Mistakes occur and accidents do happen, if you are uninsured, you will be liable for any damage or injury you cause. It’s important to leave such tasks to professionals, so you do not risk yourself or those around you.


There are numerous conservation and local laws and regulations regarding tree felling operations. This can include protection orders on land and trees, issues regarding noise pollution and much more.

Our team is versed in such laws and regulations ensuring we only conduct work where and when permitted.

Do not open yourself up to penalties should you fell the wrong tree.


At Dermot Casey Tree care we have a strong team with a wealth of knowledge about tree care and tree felling practices.

We use only the best equipment to take care of each of our projects so leave such tasks to our team.

Get in touch with Dermot Casey Tree care today for a free consultation.