Tree Stump Grinding by Dermot Casey Tree care

April 12, 2022  in  Commercial Residential Tree Surgeon by dermotcaseytreecare

You may be working on a new garden design, be dealing with a dying tree or simply have the stump of an old tree to take care of. At Dermot Casey Tree care we recommend using our professional tree care services to remove your unwanted tree stump in the quickest, least invasive way possible. That is through stump grinding.

You may wish to remove the entire stump but trust us, tree stump grinding will give you the desired results 99% of the time.

But how so?

Stump Grinding or Stump Removal:

When you are left with a tree stump in your garden, outside your business or wherever it happens to be, its removal can seem like a tricky affair. This is true regarding complete tree stump removal.

Along with digging out the area around the tree stump, it is also necessary to dig up and remove the roots of the stump.

The roots can be deep and long meaning the need for heavy-duty equipment and a lot of noise.

Two things you would not want in your driveway or outside your place of work.

As long as the tree stump is not hindering building works, at Dermot Casey Tree care we recommend stump grinding.

This is the process of using heavy-duty machinery to break down the stump into small wood chips. The remainder is left far below ground level.

The open area can then be filled in with concrete, dirt or however else you wish to cover it.

Stump grinding ensures no samplings sprouts and that the remains of the tree will slowly decay over time, well below ground level.

The mulch waste from your tree stump can be used on your ground or we can take it away at Dermot Casey Tree care.

Stump grinding is far less intrusive and can be taken care of in a much shorter period than if you were to go for complete tree stump removal.

Photo Gallery of Tree Stump Grinding

Is this something you can do yourself?

Though you may have felled the tree or trees yourself, stump grinding is a more complicated affair involving specialist equipment.

Whether you are working at home or on-premises, it’s important to call in professional tree care specialists to properly grind down your tree stump and ensure it is done in a safe and controlled manner.

Types of Tree Stump Grinders:

There are two primary types of tree stump grinders, track grinders and handle-bar walking mowers. Both of these can get the job done; however, track mowers are far more suitable to uneven surfaces and difficult to reach locations.

Each unit should only be operated by licensed and trained professionals.

Why Dermot Casey Tree care?

At Dermot Casey Tree care, we have been in the garden and construction business for over 30 years. We have hands-on experience with a wide variety of equipment and specialist tools and our training is of the highest level.

Our experience, training and equipment are what makes us one of the Irelands leading tree care specialist teams.

We operate throughout Ireland and complete both private and commercial sector works, bringing out knowledge and commitment to the forefront.

Stump grinding is a specialist process we are both trained and insured for.

Do not risk injury or damage to equipment through a DIY process and trust in Dermot Casey Tree care to complete the task at an affordable rate and most importantly safely.