Tree Surgeon vs. Arborist: What is the difference?

February 17, 2022  in  Arborist Tree Surgeon by dermotcaseytreecare

If you have chosen Dermot Casey Tree Care for your specialist tree care needs, you may be wondering what services we provide and what makes us different from other specialist landscaping and tree service providers.

Today we will answer some of these questions and give you a more in-depth look at what we do here at Dermot Casey Free Care.

One of the misconceptions that we want to dispel the difference between a Tree Surgeon and an Arborist.

Though there are many similarities in the role and function of each, there are distinct features that our customers should be aware of.

In that way, you will understand our roles, what we can do for you and what benefits you will receive from working with Dermot Casey Tree Care.

As commercial and residential tree care providers it’s important for our customers to have an in-depth knowledge of the services that they receive.

Arborist vs. Tree surgeon

Tree Surgeon:

Though we carry out the functions of a tree surgeon and arborist there are differences that you should be aware of.

Tree surgery focus on the maintenance, removal and repair of trees no matter their setting. This can include individual trees and/or large areas such as forests or parks.

The role of tree surgeons includes felling, modification and the pruning of trees and shrubs to maintain their health and continued growth.

In agriculture, it can be viewed as the more hands-on aspect of what we do here at Dermot Casey Tree Care.

In residential properties tree surgery can be viewed as a more aesthetic role, however, in larger projects tree surgery assists with the growth and care of trees and the co-existing shrubbery and bushland.

At Dermot Casey Tree Care, our tree surgeons are highly trained and experienced. We use a variety of approaches and techniques to achieve the desired results for our clients.

We use only approved, tested and accepted techniques for our tree surgery projects. This ensures continued health and growth to the shrubbery and trees we care for.

Tree Surgeon



While a tree surgeon may be viewed as a generalist tree specialist, an arborist works to diagnose your tree issues and the best remedies and solutions.

Arborists work to diagnose issues with your trees such as bad foliage, fungi and diseases that may be affecting tree growth and care.

Arborists work on the individual care of trees and shrubs. This additional care comes with more advanced training and education into tree care.

Arborists such should be consulted when you plan to plant new or additional shrubbery and tress into new locations.

We can provide you with insights into what will work best in existing conditions, why certain trees and plants have not adapted and remedies to many of these issues.



Before you consult with a tree surgeon to remove sickly or dying trees and shrubs it’s important to consult with an arborist. We can provide you with accurate insights into the issues you are facing.

As a last resort, you can consult your tree surgeon for professional care and/or the removal of trees and shrubs in your area.

Dermot Casey Tree Care has vast experience in these areas and will happily aid when required.

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