Site Clearance

Site Clearance Services by Dermot Casey Tree Care

Dermot Casey Tree Care offers professional and efficient Commercial site clearance services for both domestic and commercial projects. With our wide range of specialized machinery, we can handle any level of site clearance work.

Specialist Commercial Site Clearance Machinery

Our Commercial site clearance machinery includes the Ahwi RT400 Forestry mulcher, excavators ranging from 3t to 25t, excavator mounted tree shears, and long reach (50ft) mulchers. These machines are capable of efficiently clearing wooded areas, removing overgrown grass and gorse, and mulching varying levels of wood material.

Efficient Ahwi RT400 Forestry Mulcher

The Ahwi RT400 Forestry mulcher is the most efficient land clearance machine in Ireland. It is designed to work on varying degrees of slopes, uneven ground, and wooded conditions. This mulcher can handle various wood materials from branchwood to excavated tree stumps.

Long Reach Excavator with Light Duty Mulcher

Our Hitachi Long Reach excavator is fitted with a light-duty mulcher capable of clearing areas of overgrown grass and gorse. Its long reach boom enables it to clear areas up to 50ft away from the base machine. The machine is also fitted with rubber pads to operate on finished surfaces such as concrete and tarmac.

Robotic Mower for Grass Embankments

Our Energreen robotic mower is capable of mowing grass embankments of either grass or woody material. It has robotic controls that allow the operator to situate themselves within a 150m radius of the machine. This machine is also fitted with tracks that enable it to operate on embankments of up to 55 degrees.

Choose Dermot Casey Tree Care

If you need Commercial site clearance services, look no further than Dermot Casey Tree Care. Our specialized machinery and skilled operators ensure that we provide efficient and professional services for all your site clearance needs. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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