Site Clearance

At Dermot Casey Treecare, we specialise in all aspects of site clearance ranging from domestic clearance to large scale commercial projects.  We have a wide range of equipment available ranging from 2 ton robotic mulchers to 25t excavators with mulchers.

Our specialist machinery includes an Ahwi RT400 Forestry mulcher, Excavators from 3t to 25t, Excavator mounted tree shears, Excavator mounted mulchers including a long reach(50ft) mulcher.

The Ahwi RT400 is the most efficient land clearance machine in Ireland. It can work on varying degrees of slopes, uneven ground and wooded conditions, mulching varying levels of wood material from branchwood to excavated tree stumps.

The Hitachi Long Reach excavator is fitted with a light duty mulcher capable of clearing areas of overgrown grass and gorse.  The long reach boom enables it to clear areas up to 50ft away from the base machine.  The base machine is fitted with rubber pads to enable the machine to operate on finished surfaced such as concrete and tarmac.

The Energreen robotic mower is capable of mowing grass embankments of either grass or woody material.  The robotic controls on the machine allow the operator to situate themselves in a 150 m radius of the machine.  The machine is fitted with tracks that enable it to operate on embankments of up to 55 degrees.